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NSH Revisited

After nearly a year away from Northern State Hospital, I decided to make a trip yesterday.  Has it been a year?  Wow, time flies.  David and I used to go there all the time with our cameras (or, rather his cameras) while I was learning to use a DSLR.  The dilapidated buildings make great material!

Since we first started visiting, the site has become really popular – not that either of us can necessarily take credit for that. But, there’s a lot more graffiti than there used to be, and more visitors – more photographers running around with their cameras.  Yesterday, there was a group of about 20 boys running around shooting each other with rubber bullets.  

I miss how peaceful it used to be.

Anyway, I focused on a more quiet area yesterday and got a couple of shots from an old apple tree I found last year. 

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18 Responses to NSH Revisited

  1. nigel says:

    That’s a lot of apples! Nice photos.

  2. Sherry says:

    Amazing! I like the high creepiness factor of the second one!

  3. Jim Reed says:

    Great shots Jolene! I can’t decide if I like the first or the third better!

  4. keneumey says:

    Beautiful! Have you ever walked along the creek there? Right now, there are pink salmon spawning, and the coho should arrive soon. There’s a bridge over Hansen Creek that affords a decent view, but if you’ve got rubber boots, I recommend a nature walk down stream. :)

    • Hi Kari – I actually sat on the bridge and did some writing on Saturday. Every now and then I’d look down and see a salmon swimming upstream. It was really peaceful. If I could rangle me some rubber boots, I’ll definitely do that! :)

  5. EternalForms says:

    VERY cool, Jolene. Maybe one of these years there will be a few apple trees shooting up through the building!

  6. Caryn says:

    The apple photos are lovely and, yes, the second one is creepy but also strangely beautiful. I’m a big fan of your NSH series as you know. I’m thinking you may have enough for a book by now? :-)

  7. Emily Gooch says:

    Nice shots Jolene. I especially like the last shot. Love the reflection. I haven’t been out there since I saw those ghostly faces in my photos. Not sure if I can be brave enough to go there again.

    • It’d been a while for me, Emily. David still goes out there all of the time, but I’m sure you read about his ghostly experience the other night! He’s so brave – going all by himself.

  8. elmediat says:

    The beautiful green makes such a contrast to the actual setting. Mother Nature appears to be reclaiming and spreading life in the face decay and disrepair.

  9. Threeark says:

    Those apples in the second pic make it an incredibly unique and interesting shot! New life in such a decrepit place, perfect!

  10. Thank you for visiting, Threeark! This is one of my favorite decrepit places to take pictures (if that weren’t completely obviously, ha). :)

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