The Heart Recovers


Have you ever noticed how, in our pursuit of the perfect home or job or relationship or image, there’s usually this one problem in life – some offshoot of annoyance that’s so close to being right, but it just isn’t? It steals our focus, and all of our accomplishments and potential blur into the background.


Some problems can be fixed, others can’t.  When they can’t, we need to let them go. Yes, it’s difficult and we will hurt. Maybe a lot. Yes, we’ll feel empty for a while, and there will be this hole in our hearts in the shape of that thing we’ve released.


But not forever.  We will start to enjoy the freedom that comes with unburdening ourselves, and one day something beautiful will blossom and fill out that empty space.

13 Comments on “The Heart Recovers

  1. Very nice, Jolene. Beautiful You can’t steal second base and keep a foot on first. Letting go is always part of moving forward toward greater possibilities.

    • So true, Dave. Maybe my ears are just tuned into the words lately, but I feel like I’ve heard a lot of messages about letting go. It’s all about the greater and better possibilities. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. :)

    • I love the beauty of the unknown…the idea that anything is possible and the open spaces just give us room to grow and explore.

  2. Yup. You’ve nailed it. Letting go sucks but our hearts are stronger than we imagine sometimes.

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